Aw Craps! App Reviews

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Excellent app. I am currently in Vegas and I know what I am talking about :-)



Good instructions, but too easy to win "money"

Great craps game

YES!! Finally a great Craps game. Ive tried other Craps apps that have only disappointed. This one has the polish that I would expect from an app being sold for money on iTunes. No complaints so far with the user interface in this one. Good work!!

Great Game

This game is a lot of fun to play. The voice of the dealers makes the gameplay very realistic. I would recommend this game.


I have had this game for nearly 1 year now and I am very impressed with the game but especially the updates. Continually improving this game is nice to see. Great job

Dont buy

Sadly this game has gone downhill. With the newest update the dice rolling is no fun and throwing the dice becomes a challenge. Im not looking for a video game to try and keep the dice on the table. I just want to throw the dice and play my betting strategies.

Game play is great but dice rolls are crap

This is by far the best craps game I have played on any platform. There is a problem with the dice, I set a point then 7 out this is a constant issue. The randomness of the dice are not very random at all. This game will show you how to play but it wont allow you to practice real strategies .

Dice Roll

I like everthing about this game except the dice roll. Shaking is a gimmick and other rolls require a 2 step process. I just want to quickly tap once to roll and get on with strategy testing.

Great app

Awesome app! This game has everything! Im really happy with my purchase. Played all day. Went to the casino and quadrupled my money. It was awesome! Everyone was highfiving me. Dealers were so pissed. Haha

small flaw

its a great game to play , have had it for years. i just noticed if u dont bet the pass line on the come out bet , you consistantly roll 7s

Aw Craps is awesome

Excellent app. Great way to test new methods of play. Keep up the great work. Recently (after upgrade to iOS 6) I have noticed that the app is very slow ... Unresponsive st times ...Please ensure updated for iOS6. Thanks

Best Craps App

Ive tired them all and while there are contenders this app beats them all hands down for the authentic action of the casino game and an actual learning experience. Id like to give this app 6 stars or at least subtract a star from all my previous craps game reviews. If you want to learn craps, practice for the real thing or just have fun... you cant do better than Aw Craps! (Im deleting my 5 other paid and free craps apps too... no point to keeping them now.)

The One and Only

This is the only casino craps app worth spending money on. Beware of imitations! You can really tell the developers put everything they could into this little gem. The number of options, and ability to customize your rolls or use real dice and input the rolls, stick calls, bank machine animation, and a great tutorial mode for those learning to play, just to name a few. I learned craps using this app and feel confident walking up to a table at the casino and knowing whats going on.


Thought you could automatically simulate a strategy to see how it plays out but you can only simulate dice rolls. Lame


Im a seasoned craps player and this game is the best craps simulator Ive played to date. Has Horn hi bets, C&E, whirl bet ect unlike others that Ive played. I dont see hopping bets but how often does a person use those anyway? Great game.

Best Crap game ever!

Just like being in Vegas! Great graphics and speed! Helped to practice strategy before going to Vegas recently. Came home a winner! Highly recommend this!

Too bad...

Sadly, you can or will find certain patterns of bets or betting that do in fact result in patterns of losing continuously. Too bad cuz it started out as a good craps game. That is what I gave 2 stars for. But not for me, thank you. Deleting now.

A lot of 7s

Statistically, the number of 7s rolled seems improbable. The interface is good.

Aw craps

Great app. Best crap app for learning how to play. Highly recommend.

Best iOS interface

Tried a bunch & this is the best/most user friendly.

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